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The Dine Group

Before Dine, our team were scattered across the UK, busy working in restaurants, hotels, uninspiring event companies & even teaching.

Fortunately, one of us had the courage to save us all. Dan was working in his father's michelin starred restaurant when he kept getting asked if they could do "Outside" catering.  Outside, in the UK, how does that work? Dan soon realised when they said outside they actually meant inside their place - offices, marquees, homes - but more importantly it meant freedom, a freedom to create something special and that special could be defined by our clients, not by the boss or the bosses boss. So Dine was born. Dan made the call and we came.

"Outside" is where we started and it is still a big part of us but we've also been drawn back "inside" again; it now comes with a freedom we have come to call the "Dine Difference". Thats what makes us unique and allows you to make your event, your celebration special. You can think outside of 4 walls, be free to create, we will keep innovating and that will give you something beautiful, the edge over your friends, family & the competition, whether your an inside or outside person.


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Wow! what a wonderful, wonderful day we all had. The end result was absolute perfection and exactly as I imagined.
If we were able to repeat it all again this coming weekend, I wouldn't change a thing!
Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for making a memorable day an absolutely perfect one.
Mother of the Bride, Allerton Castle